Benefits of a Facebook business page

Facebook Business Pages are one of the most powerful marketing tools that your business can and should use.  If you don’t have an active business page then your business risks obscurity as may people search for a business or a service within Facebook rather than leaving the platform and searching in Google or Bing.
From an SEO perspective your Facebook business page is regularly indexed by the search engines giving you another few chances at ranking well. Your page’s ranking is prioritised on the relevance and popularity of its content, giving your business more exposure on search results.

Sharing content

The sharing of your branded content within Facebook should be your main goal How do people share your business page content? When people are logged in to Facebook they tell each other about businesses, ideas, and opportunities that they think are interesting or exciting. Your brand is then mentioned (tagged) by people within Facebook, if they have liked your page and they can create a direct link back to your Facebook business page within their personal page comments.


Analytics track the amount of views a post receives and monitor your weekly reach all within the Facebook Insights, allowing you to measure results and increase the success of future posts.

Facebook competitions

Facebook competitions can be created to build engagement, in the form of likes, comments and sharing of posts or the page by your fans, thus encouraging fans to share your brands content amongst their friends and colleagues as part of the entry requirements.

Facebook advertisements

Facebook advertising and post boosting is a cost effective option to target specific customer types and markets based on your current fans age, gender, geographic location, and other demographics. Advertising can also target those who have visited your website previously. Facebook’s incredibly detailed targeting means you can pinpoint exactly who receives your brands message.

Check-ins and location services

Check-Ins & location services allow people to check into and interact with your business through your Facebook Business Page when they are physically located at your business. If you have a location for your business, this is crucial for social proofing and newsfeed marketing.

Building connections

Strategically build connections with other businesses on Facebook who are reaching your same target market through organic and paid advertising methods. By doing so you increase your targeted audience and convert them to be your brands fan.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups for business building and networking are a great way to get more business without leaving the desk. You can join groups whose audience is filled with your target market. Alternatively you can create and moderate your own group – the benefit being you are the first person members will talk to if they have a question or need the service that you provide. You are at the centre of a population whose primary focus is discussing your business’ subject matter.

Facebook online store

A shop on Facebook is an ideal way to test the market for your products before launching into the construction of a full eCommerce website. If you just have a few products you may find that a basic Facebook store will serve your business long term. You should also consider listing your products with the Google Merchant Centre so they display in results in searches for your products.

Facebook page assessment

If you already have a Facebook business page you should have it assessed regularly by an expert to ensure that it is optimised and working in the best possible way to benefit your business.

Brainstorming and research for Facebook

Brainstorming and research on a weekly basis it is essential to stay fresh and up to date on a number of things. Look at the activities of your competitors, identify new channel partners, find great images to use in posts, create competition ideas and creative advertising campaigns. Build up a bank of material so you never have to panic about content. Importantly make sure you are still creating content that is engaging your target audience and that this audience is still current. See what works on your own page by reviewing the way content has been received and responded to.

Posting on your Facebook business page

Regular posts in your business page need to be written in a way that is interesting. The content needs to be well thought out, and follow the parameters that have proven to be most effective in building a strong engaged and loyal audience. Images are pretty much essential in any post because they attract the eye and importantly can be optimised for Google Image searches. They are also more likely to read and shared.

Responding to messages, posts, and comments

Checking and responding to incoming messages, comments, and posts is a way to build a conversation and dialogue with visitors. Answering messages promptly says you are paying attention. Saying thanks for a nice post or comment is just good manners. Answering negative comments or posts in a positive way says your business is listening and actually cares about it’s customers.

Liking and Getting Notifications

Liking, and Getting Notifications is what you want your visitors to do when they come to your Facebook business page. You can build a relationship with specific target clients by regularly spending time Liking and Getting Notifications from their business pages.

Facebook Insights

Monitoring Page Insights must be done at least once per week. Take a look at the number of previous and new Likes, weekly total reach, and people engaged. This will allow you to establish which activities from that week are working. This is especially effective after launching a competition or advertisement.

Facebook page graphics

The look and feel of your Facebook business page represents your brand projects your business image. Therefore the graphics, cover image, profile picture, and images used in posts should be of the highest quality, sexy, and attractive.

Using video on your Facebook business page

Video is a great tool to communicate your brand using  sound, music, graphics, photography, and film. Use it to showcase products, provide instructions, share benefits, interview people, harness testimonials, and present content that will engage and be shared. Sometimes it might be necessary to create a storyboard and develop a script for a video. You might choose to shoot and edit your video in-house or hire professionals to undertake the production. Videos can link to your YouTube account and are embedded in your Facebook page for ease of playing.



Reporting on a monthly basis gives an opportunity to understand engagement with your community, to review current strategies and to identify new markets that can be focused upon.