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management & training agency.

  • We offer affordable tuition for social media at our interactive workshops and offer consulting to small business to strategise use of social media. We are based on the Sunshine Coast and are here for you to kickstart your digital marketing and enhance your current social media marketing skills base.

    How do we share our knowledge with you?
    Learn to use social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for small business in our social media workshops located in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast. If you live elsewhere we can teach you via Skype. Our online based tutoring is fun and easy to absorb with screen sharing and live examples using your own business.

    We can devise your social media strategy and align it with your overall marketing goals and ensure it fits with your digital marketing strategy. We offer full management of your social media and digital marketing including ongoing campaign management, organic Search Engine Optimisation, branding and graphic design services to ensure your business branding is professionally representing your brand online and off.

  • Social Media Works is part of a boutique digital agency called Sticky Marketing. We work with a team of digital marketing and design experts to grow your brand online with both websites, search engine optimisation, known as SEO and digital marketing. Social media is an important tool in the small business entrepreneur’s toolbox. We work together because we believe its a key part of successful online marketing.

    You are here because you want to:

    • Learn how to use Pinterest for small business marketing.
    • Convert social media followers into customers.
    • Increase brand loyalty using social media
    • Understand Facebook Advertising and use it to grow your sales.
    • Spend less on advertising but get better results.
    • Use social media to grow my business.
    • Or you simply want to pay me to do your social media management for you!

Let’s work together to make social media work for you!

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Do you like the idea of learning social media marketing via a workshop or Skype session?

Does your business need help with social media?
We get it, you want to know how to do this cool stuff with social media, but maybe you like to learn in a group environment, plus its a bit cheaper to get my time this way. We offer group workshops with between 2 and 8 participants in a relaxed environment in our Eumundi office.

Social Media Workshops

Learn how to use Canva for Instagram

If you’d like to learn how to use the free graphics software #CANVA found at a create branded graphics for your Instagram account you will want to attend this workshop. Check out the course details >>

How to grow your business with Instagram.

Learn how use graphics and photos with well crafted words that speak to your tribe, increasing brand loyalty whilst converting a bigger percentage to your website for sales. Check out the course details >>

Understand how to use Pinterest to rock your business!

Discover how to make every pin in Pinterest count- whether its your own product you want to sell more of or a service you are selling, Pinterest can grow your business. Let me show you how in this interactive workshop. Check out the course details >>

Facebook: how to use it for small business marketing.

You’ve got a facebook business page but you are not sure if you are doing the right thing to grow your business with it. Lets pull it apart starting with the basics. We look at branding your page with customised graphics and lead up to basic facebook advertising on a small budget. Check out the course details >>

Facebook: How to use Community groups to grow & find your tribe.

We will look at ways in which you can market to niche markets via community groups in your geography or in specialised niches. We will also look at how to set up your own community facebook groups and what it takes to grow that group. Check out the course details >>

Customised Skype based one on one workshops on any social media subject matter you need.

Tell us what you need to learn and we shall run a customised workshop for yourself or a group you bring on to a skype or Zoom conference. Check out the course details >>

Let’s create a social media strategy that works for your business!

If you no longer want to guess at what you should be doing to grow your business using social media – you need a strategy! Let’s have some fun whilst we cultivate the perfect combination of social media marketing strategies to give your tribe what they want so they spend money on what you’ve got.

Not so long ago social media marketing just seemed like the “next big thing,” a temporary blip on the road to knowing what to do to create marketing success. However social media is here to stay and it matters!

Most entrepreneurs now understand the power of Social Media and have discovered how to make it work for their own business, charity or project.  Learn how to harness this free tool to grow your business online and offline with us!

Social Media for Dummies.. No way my clients ain’t no dummies they just want to get this social media down pat. We recommend you either be willing to learn fast or pay someone else to do your social media for you – because you do not want to ignore its potential to grow your business.

If you are starting out you will discover that there is a steep, complicated learning curve to get your head around and your heart into the essence of how Social Media Works. But once you’ve caught this bug you’ll soon love its immediacy and real life results. The viral nature of social media means your small business has a chance to shine amongst the stars. Its a creative, fun and constantly changing environment that has altered the way we all relate to each other.

Because it appeared quickly, social media has developed a reputation by some for being a passing marketing interest, and therefore, an unprofitable one to invest your time and money into. The statistics, however, illustrate a different picture.

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. And according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media—but 85% of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use.

This demonstrates a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales, and brow a business which is why we teach business owners how to create a social media strategy and develop great content ideas that work.

Every opportunity you can create to share your knowledge, or celebrate a win for your business and your customers is valuable. Social Media is your tool to do this.

Social media is a relaxed way to talk with your potential customers. Its almost like you are sitting in a cafe and chatting to a group of friends, some of whom you know already and others who you are about to be introduced to.